Friday, 20 July 2007

Freedom Isn't Free


Our leaders have shown their willingness to endure imprisonment, torture, even risk death itself for the promised benefits and blessings of liberty. Failure to pay that price would only serve to destroy that liberty.
Democracy means fighting everyday for what you deserve, and fighting even harder to keep those weaker groups of our people get what they deserve. Democracy is people of all races, colours, and creeds united by a single dream. Democracy means never having the TPLF secret police show up at your door. Freedom and democracy come with a price tag. Some of the price has been paid on July 20, 2007.

God’s Compassion is the freedom of our body
God’s Concern is the freedom of our dwelling
God’s Love is the freedom of our life.

To all my 38 friends, thank you for your courage and your bravery. Thank you for your endurance.

Kinijit Ashenefowal


Anonymous said...

Madame, your dedication is really admirable.

Anonymous said...

i really admire your courage you are as brave as ataga Tayitu God bless you!our stragle has not finished yet.

Anonymous said...


You are such an inspiring young Ethiopian. Thank you for your dedication to a free Ethiopia.

I was so skeptic on whether there will be a generation that stirs social transformation in Ethiopia after the decimation of the vibrant generation of the 60s and 70s by the Derg. I proved to be wrong. Where there is suppression there is always a fighting generation. Gop bless you!!